Let the sun

pay your bills

Has there ever been a better time to embrace renewable technology and start to make real savings from your energy use?

For many homeowners, the biggest overhead expense is their electric utility bill.

With bills rocketing, there is something you can do about your rising electricity bill – install a solar photovoltaic (PV) system with battery storage at your park home.

Solar has peaks and troughs – there’s no available sunlight at night, and winter typically has fewer hours of useable sunlight than summer.

The perfect solution is to  install a battery unit to store power generated but not used. You can then draw on the power as, and when it is needed.

How solar can benefit

you and your park home

There are many reasons why making the switch to solar for your park home can be seen as a positive thing. Here are four of the main reasons.

Reducing your bills

As your utility bills soar, the energy you use from your solar system is FREE now and FREE always.  Surely it’s time to make the switch? 

Help the planet

Going solar helps the planet as it reduces your carbon footprint. This can only be good for the environment and future generations.

Reduce reliance on the grid

Solar stands alone on your park and does not rely on a connection to the National Grid which is getting more and more strain due to housing demands.

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