Six Steps to


From enquiry to installation, the process is simple and customer friendly.

Take a look at what happens on your Park Home Energy customer journey.

Bringing you solar

for a bright future

Park Home Energy install domestic solar projects throughout the United Kingdom.

Building on our 30 years  expertise we will use operational excellence and safety performance to design, install, test and maintain your solar system.

Your customer journey

These are your six simple steps

1 - Site Survey

Site survey, explanation of the offer, collecting qualification evidence, determination of client contribution and supply of quote to resident – conducted by Park Home Energy representative.

2- Technical Assessment

An independent assessor is sent to look at the homes energy performance and ventilation requirements based on the improvements to be made. This survey generally takes place after the resident has been qualified for the scheme. However it can also take place before qualification. An appointment would be made by Perlustro Ltd.

3 - Installation Preparation

The roofing and underfloor team will come to measure and re-check the home prior to install and will ask the resident for their colour choice.

4 - Installation Plan

Scaffolding and installation dates are agreed and booked in.

5 - Daily Activities

Day 1 – scaffolding goes up

Days 2 to 4 – roof tiles taken off insulation installed and new roof tiles installed

Days 5 to 6 – electrical box installed and solar commissioned

Day 7 – underfloor insulation completed (if applicable)

6 - Post Install

Full system handover to resident.

Guarantees issued by Quality Protection and final sign off